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Channel 2 Action News has learned the company hired to clean up after a deadly mass shooting in Norcross photographed the crime scene and posted the pictures on Facebook.

Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanagh connected with the owner of the company on Facebook and was able to see the pictures for herself.

From furniture to entire rooms, Kavanagh found photographs taken inside the Su Jung Health Sauna on Buford Highway in Nocross, two days after five people were killed there in an apparent murder-suicide.

The Facebook page belongs to Scott Bogulski, the owner of OnScene Services, the company the family hired to clean up after the tragedy.

“That’s ridiculous,” said Ryan Sawyer, who owns Biotrauma, a competing cleaning company.

Sawyer said he was outraged not only by the photos Kavanugh showed him, but also by the comments that went along with them.

“There is a family behind the mess you are cleaning up and their privacy needs to be protected,” Sawyer said.

Kavanaugh said it appears the photos were posted in fun, pretending to advertise some of the crime scene items for sale.

One posting accompanied a chair saying it had “a few stains and a bullet hole … you can say it has character.”

A blood-stained massage table was offered for $50 and was said to be “good as new after some scrubbing.”

There was also an apparent before and after photo.

Kavanaugh showed the pictures to Gwinnett County Police. They are not investigating the Norcross shooting, but told Kavanaugh photos like those could jeopardize an entire investigation if any of it was evidence.

“The evidence may be thrown out or you may not be able to get a conviction because now it’s tainted,” Cpl. Ed Ritter said.
Kavanaugh received a statement from Bogulski, which said in part: “Being that the comments were on my personal page, I never thought anyone who did not understand my sarcasm would ever see them.”

Bogulski said he would be removing the photos from his page, adding, “I do apologize to anyone who may have been shown my comments, deemed them insensitive.”

He also questioned the motivation of the other companies coming forward with the photos and said they are trying to thin out the competition.

Kavanaugh reached out the Norcross Police Department for comment on the pictures, but has not received a response.

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