Well-known Monroe County social media maven Scott Bogulski was sentenced to three years in prison on Monday after admitting to having and selling  stolen trailers.

“Justice was done,” said assistant district attorney Paul Hemmann. “He did the right thing — he admitted he had done wrong and took what the judge gave him. That made it easy on everybody.”


Hi, my name is Scott Bogulski. I have been a landscaper, a fireman, and a crime scene clean up specialist. I am able do almost any trade or position because I am a genius! In fact, I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.

I did try my hand at comedy, but they all laughed when I said I’d become a comedian. Well, they’re not laughing now. One attempt at humor had me taking photos of a quadruple murder crime scene and posting them on my Facebook page. I laughed and laughed, but no one seemed to understand my humor. You get it don’t you? We’ll talk about that later.

BTW – You can contact me by clicking one of those floaty things over there ——–>

I am kind of a goof ball and not very coordinated. Goodness, I was already a dork most of the times. I didn’t need to be a drunk or high dork. So I don’t really mess with the drugs or the boozes. Again, we will talk about that later.

I am married and have been a few times. I am a big Southern boy who tries to stay cool, but I tried to be a hipster and the only hair I could grow ironically was on my back. While I prefer the ladies, I am what you might call “Pan-sexual”. I’ll span the globe like Pan Am used to do and am game and up for pretty much anything sexually. Prefer hairy, bear like men as well and am kinda into little skinny poofs. Contact me and let me know what you got.

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